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Multi Millet Tutti Fruity C...

Little Millet cookies with chunks of delicious tutti fruity.
Rs. 70.00

Little Millet Jaggery Cookies

Made with the goodness of Little Millets of 100% pure jaggery.
Rs. 70.00

Multimillet Jaggery Cookies

Our Jaggery cookies are the yummy and healthy slow-release snack you are looking for!
Rs. 70.00

Ragi Elaichi Cookies

Our signature cookies are made with the goodness of ragi and whole elaichi pods.
Rs. 70.00

Ragi Chocolate Cookies

The goodness of ragi with the decadent taste of chocolate.
Rs. 70.00

Little Millet Jeera Cookies

These jeera cookies are made with whole cumin seeds and little millet flour.
Rs. 70.00
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