Discover our handpicked collection of Bestsellers - the hottest and most sought-after products that our customers can't get enough of. From trending Millet Noodles to must-have Millet Pastas, these top picks are the ultimate crowd favorites

Combo Offers

Power-packed combination of health, happiness, and taste, all made pocket-friendly for everyone. Discover the goodness of wholesome millet-based snacks that not only nourish your body but also bring a smile to your face.

Kids Delight Combo

Introducing our Kids Delight Combo – the ultimate solution for busy parents! Contains 1x of each product in the thumbnail.From a quick and flavorful snack with Chilli Chatka Stix to a delightful treat with Black Forest...
Rs. 768.00

Millet Food Starter Pack

Introducing our Millet Diet Starter Pack – a diverse spectrum of flavors to cater to every palate. From the sweetness of Little Millet Jaggery Cookies to the heat of Multi Millet Noodles and the comfort...
Rs. 678.00

Crunchy Fills Combo

Introducing our Crunchy Fills Combo – a revolutionary pack of creamy-filled pillows loved by kids and adults alike. A perfect snack or breakfast cereal alternative, it offers a delightful blend of textures with a satisfying...
Rs. 597.00

Celestial Combo

Celestial Combo: Stars & Moons Chocolate & Strawberry Millet Delight Embark on a celestial breakfast adventure with our Celestial Combo! This stellar package brings together the best of both worlds: Stars & Moons Chocolate Millet...
Rs. 498.00

Bestseller Combo

Introducing our Bestseller Combo – a curated selection of our most-loved and sought-after products. From the convenience of Multi Millet Noodles to the delightful crunch of Chocolate Crunchy Fills, this combo is designed to satisfy...
Rs. 492.00

Traditional Breakfast Combo

Introducing our Multimillet Breakfast Feast – a delightful ensemble that reimagines traditional breakfast favorites in a fresh and convenient avatar. This combo features 1x each of our 250g packs: Multimillet Idli, Multimillet Pongal, Multi Millet...
Rs. 464.00

Pasta and Noodles Combo

Introducing our Pasta and Noodles Combo 1x of ( Little Millet Pasta, Foxtail Millet Pasta, Multimillet Noodles, and Pearl Millet Noodles.) – a wholesome blend of taste and nutrition. Crafted without Maida, our pasta is...
Rs. 388.00

Power Puff Combo

Introducing Our PowerPuff Combo Elevate your snacking game with our PowerPuff Combo, a delightful blend of flavors and health benefits that brings together three beloved millet-based variants - Sour Cream & Onion Pops, Spicy Garlic...
Rs. 150.00
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