Taking the 7000 plus years old millet farming legacy forward, Millet Bank is an initiative of a team of farmers’ children from dryland agriculture background to revive millet food cultures & nutritional diversity.

Inspired by the giant size traditional storage systems in ancient times that represented food security, crop diversity, dietary diversity and food sustainability, Millet Bank has a strong mission to preserve millet food culture by reviving the ancient wisdom of millet foods.

We want to spread the benefits of millet food to as many consumers as possible. We are passionate about millets and as our name suggests, we believe that Millet is a golden treasure still hidden in the Indian soil!! It is time to better inscribe this tradition in our lives, if not against the passage of time, at least within ourselves.


To revive millet cultures by establishing market linkages between millet farmers, microentrepreneurs and consumers through a series of agroecological interventions.


To boost farmer’s income and quality of life by building a fair, sustainable, integrated and inclusive value supply chain in the space of Millets.

AGRO - Ecological Interventions

MILLET BANK is an end-to-end enterprise designed to 'Give back to the land what has been taken away ‘. We are amalgamating multiple market linkages to benefit farmers, entrepreneurs & create awareness among consumers. This will be done through a series of agro ecological interventions such as Farmer’s Filed Centers at dryland regions & marketplace for farmers to sell their grains, an ecommerce platform for consumers to buy healthy and nutritious products, a collab center for micro entrepreneurs related to millets and Consumer Engagement through sustainable gifting and social engagements.


The Farmer Field Center works towards engaging farmers at grassroot level on protecting and preserving local crop cultures while uplifting each other in support of sustainable development. It offers training, infrastructure and market opportunities. It’s our grassroot level effort to help small-scale farmers to exist sustainably, effectively and profitably in the changing world.


Our mission is to bring the millet products under one umbrella. We develop the product range till it meets the requirement of modern urban consumers. We work with women farmer's and micro entrepreneurs who formulate millets using scientific processes into modern forms that are appealing to urban consumers.


Millet Collab Center, a first-of its-kind community-building center that aims to strengthen the industry by uniting and connecting like-minded participants, micro-entrepreneurs and farmers. It features a design & branding studio, co-working space, export facilitation center and culinary studio.


Grain Culture is a consumer education initiative of Millet Bank. It’s a humble effort to share the valuable knowledge that our ancestors passed on to us with an aim to influence this generation by stimulating their inclination towards millets for better health & nutrition. The initiative features community outreach programs, sustainable gifting and social engagements around the rich nutritional legacy of India. Our goal is to ‘ Befit Nutritional Diversity & Culture’ in ONE MILLION homes by 2026’ by proactively reaching to communities and families.